Upcoming album and tour

Hello. Annie here. I haven’t posted for four months. I ran out of puff, you see.

I found myself thinking, “Wouldn’t it be lovely to come home from work and have my nights free? Wouldn’t it be a relief to not have to design posters, revamp web pages, email venues, find support acts, constantly come up with worthy social media offerings, and organise licensing and accounting and publicity and advertising and the other odd jobs that need to be done for a musical act? Why shouldn’t I go on holidays like other people do, rather than spend every spare cent and spare minute and spare calorie of enthusiasm as I have done for the past fifteen years?”

The interview with myself continued on something like this:
Q: What would I do instead?
A: Gardening and Morris dancing.

Q: If I never wrote another song or performed again, would I really mind?
A: Perhaps not. (I’d never in my life had that feeling before.)

Q: What do I most enjoy about Annie & Bern?
A: Singing; Sitting with a pen and paper and a cup of tea, writing lyrics; Meeting audience members, vintage enthusiasts and musicians; Having the honour of performing at a person’s wedding; Dressing up; Travelling and having zany times with Bern; Stumbling upon new music on the internet and sharing it.

Even with the carrot of all these enjoyable aspects, I still didn’t have the wherewithal to learn and rehearse Bern’s latest songs. It was like trying to run on empty. I was at a crossroads. I had to tune in to my motivations and to wait for inspiration to spring. We didn’t know if my musical drive would be rekindled or if I’d end up packing it in.

Meanwhile, Bern was writing songs, researching recording techniques, and listening to bossa nova. He also bought a cabassa.

I decided I’d clear the driest tasks out of the way (accounting and licensing) so I could see the wood for the trees. While I was doing that, I was drawn to Nordic folk music. I also bought a covered tambourine.

A couple of months later, I found the enthusiasm to sing Bern’s songs-in-progress.
A few weeks ago I started writing songs again myself.
This weekend, we’ll start recording our second album. We’ll be touring it from November. It may well be a bossa-Nordic affair.

Hold onto your chips.

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