The Bride Next Door

Annie here. Are you into secret garden doors and happenstance? If so, you’ll like the story behind these photos.

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Scene 1 – My local hair salon, Soul Scissors. Hairdresser (K) introduces me (A) to the redhead (J) in the next chair.
K:  “J owns the vintage shop around the corner – Once More With Feeling. Annie has a vintage musical duo.”
J:  “What are you called?”
A:  “Annie & Bern.”
J:  “I’ve got your CD!”
A:  “Oh wow. Where did you get it?”
J:  “I won it in a competition in Lila Jean Vintage!”
A:  “Oh, that was you! Bern dropped it off to your house because it was easier than posting it. …This is all very serendipitous. We should work together somehow.”
J:  “I’ve been thinking of having a Christmas party to thank my customers…”

Scene 2 – The Once More With Feeling Christmas party. Bride-to-be (T) sees us perform and instantly feels we’ll fit her vintage-style wedding.

Scene 3 – The Internet. T and I arrange to meet to get everything ‘just-so’. The ceremony is to be held in her garden. T invites me to see the space and meet her fiancé (A). We discover that we’re over-the-fence neighbours!

Scene 4 – The meeting. T & A tell me they’ve been planning to knock on my door to ask if I’d mind them taking a panel off the fence, so T can walk through my garden, around the block, and through her garden gate. Bam! The secret fence plan gets the green light.

Scene 5 – We perform at T & A’s beautiful wedding. What a happy ending, and beginning.

Scene 6 – Apres-wedding hijinx through the secret garden door. You’ll see by the photos that Bern and I were quite enchanted by it. (My hairstyling by Ray Of Light Studio and dress from Inglewood Emporium.)

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