The songwriter’s responsibility: Songs r 4 evs

What you don’t realize when you’re a child and you hear a hit song on the radio, is that you will probably hear that song for the rest of your life. There are a lot of songs I heard on the radio when I was ten that are still being played. Many of these songs I don’t want to hear again – They weren’t very good songs to begin with, but they were in the style of the era and became hits. Of course people like different things, and a particular song may remind someone of something special, for example, if it was playing when they had their first kiss.

If there is a special moment you want to remember for the rest of your life though, wouldn’t you rather remember it in relation to a good song – A song that could be not only a memory trigger, but also a thing of beauty unto itself? When a song is sent out into the world, the songwriter has a responsibility to make that song as good as it can be, and the record producer and record label and radio programmer all have a responsibility to keep the quality high. Over the next years, the children hearing those songs will have something good to hear throughout their life – Something more than “Boom! Boom! Let’s go back to your room.” That way the world will become a better place. ~ Bern

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