Well! Now that the dust has settled, we have the faculties to write a proper thank-you note to those of you who actively supported our recent album release and tour. We give our thanks specifically to everyone who bought albums, attended shows, spread the word, graciously hosted us, and gave us advice about IT gizmos and marketing. Far-flung friends came to meet us, new fans gave us insights into how our music affects them, past audiences and album buyers returned, and long-standing friends showed us that they’re still by our side. In all your different ways, you keep us going. Our heartfelt thanks to you!

We also thank the talented musicians with whom we shared shows: Rose & The Sea (Newcastle), Bleeding Gums Murphy (Sydney), Alana Patmore (Sydney), The Cheeky Violets (Canberra), Mixtape Chorus (Canberra) and The Old Married Couple (Melbourne). Let’s all do it again soon!